WEBINAR: psychoanalytics + choice-based segmentation

Join us on Thursday, December 17th for our upcoming webinar on how we use psychoanalytics to develop choice-based segmentations.

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December 7, 2020

WEBINAR: psychoanalytics + choice-based segmentation

How to build deeper connections with consumers by understanding your brand’s true meaning in their lives.

You are invited to an upcoming webinar on Thursday, December 17th (12:00pm EDT / 11:00am CDT) where RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP will present a case study to explain how we combine psychoanalytics and choice-based segmentation to mine and leverage the hidden world of unconscious and unstated consumer needs.

During the session we will discuss…

  • How we peel back the layers of the consumer psyche to reveal unstated & unconscious desires, fears, and emotions; going beyond the surface responses to understand how people think and what they actually mean.
  • How we decode these consumer mental models to help marketers target the deeper needs and emotions that are most motivating and satisfying to consumers.
  • How we link psychoanalytic mental models to develop a choice-based segmentation and how that helps to create uniquely differentiated and forward-looking segments.

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2020

Time: 12:00-1:00 EDT/11:00am-12:pm CDT

If you are interested but unable to attend, we encourage you to register and we will send you a recording following the event.

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