Beverage Alcohol & Cannabis

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It’s like they say. The only constant in this world is change. And you don’t have to be a whiz on our side of the business to understand how societal views, especially when it comes to cannabis, remain in flux. 

Along with that, government regulations (especially in Canada) having adapted to those views have meant major implications across the board when it comes to products, product marketing and all the related fields affected by them. 

Alcohol and cannabis are a unique market in that unlike many other sectors, views can be less forthcoming. Self-reporting and certain associated stigmas as well as illegal consumption are a few of the factors that can muddy the waters. If you don’t have the expertise needed to gather insights that might otherwise stay hidden. 

For instance, RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP has conducted many significant cannabis studies for both the public and private sectors, pre- and post-legalization. We’ve performed segmentations, journey-mapping, legalization issues, advertising tracking and testing as well as exploratory and concept testing, brand evaluation and market sizing. 

So. As you can see, there are many ways our expertise, knowledge and the strategies that come with it, can help with getting your brand where you need it to go. We encourage you to get in touch. 

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