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Unprecedented change. More often than not, terms like these are an exaggeration for the purpose of gaining attention. Unless you’re in the lottery and gaming business. 

A market segment where the landscape and its rules and regulations evolve and change almost on a daily basis. And where, if you’re in our business and doing your job right, you’re adapting right along with it. 

When you get right down to it, the only really consistent thing you can count on is our commitment to the sort of insights you need to help you flourish in this industry. 

For more than three decades now, we’ve identified opportunities while mitigating risks and managing expectations. At RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP, we’ve been active in the lottery and gaming sector from conference presentations to government deep dives, almost as long as we’ve been RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP. 

We’re widely considered to be one of the most agile full-service research consultancies in North America. Our philosophy of ‘whatever it takes’ helps us build client partnerships and maintain long-term service contracts. 

Feel free to get in touch and see how we’re uniquely able to solve your most complex challenges from market sizing, to understanding players, to testing a new app. 

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