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We pride ourselves on being one of the most agile full-service research consultancies in North America. Our philosophy of “whatever it takes” is ingrained throughout the organization and everyone ensures the client is always put first.

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Are you looking to better understand why your customers do what they do? How they think about your brand and make decisions? For over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with accurate, relevant insights to help grow their business. By combining social sciences and advanced analytics, we design custom, sophisticated solutions that deliver unique findings to better understand your consumers and develop more successful strategies. Design products, services and messages that more deeply resonate, motivate, and satisfy consumer by diving below the surface to learn what people really think. Put our team to work to help you innovate and stay ahead of your competitors.


Leverage subconscious biases and barriers in decision-making to ‘nudge’ in the desired direction.

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Develop effective, targeted strategies based on distinct, stable, and deeply motivating needs

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Optimize messaging with a predictive model leveraging the impact of communication elements

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Uncover unconscious drivers of behaviour, which are stable, predictable, motivating, and most satisfying

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Simulate real decision-making with a highly predictive, pragmatic behavioural model

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Discover consumers' unmet, unstated needs by experiencing their lives as they do.

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Innovate and build resilience by expanding your assumptions to imagine multiple futures.

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Generate and optimize solutions by exploring all aspects of your business that customers interact with

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Visualize how people act, think, and feel during key interactions to improve and deepen engagement.

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Enhance brand health and optimize brand positioning with future-oriented metrics

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Achieve higher revenue and profits at the brand, portfolio or category level

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Get more accurate results—for less cost—than traditional testing using the predictive power of crowds.

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