Discover consumers' unmet, unstated needs by experiencing their lives as they do.

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Applied Ethnography provides a comprehensive overview of behaviour, with an understanding of the context in which it occurs.

Our ethnographers help you to understand where the heart of any consumer strategy must lie—within the personal, social or cultural realm. Our unique approach integrates behavioural science, semiotics, and foresight to provide meaningful human insights.

Ethnography observes consumers in a natural, relaxed environment where they can be themselves and behave as they normally do. It is also a great opportunity for brands to observe consumer’s using their products, service and the context in which they make decisions. This approach aims to uncover the social and cultural context that influences behaviour, in contrast to simply listening to what consumers’ say. Ethnographic research often reveals unmet needs, leading to innovations within product development.

Our ethnographers also contribute to RESEARCH STRATEGY GROUP’s segmentation protocol by developing compelling personas that help build empathy with your customers. We also develop film reports and documentaries to bring alive consumer experiences.

Drive adoption
and usage

Target new market audiences

Understand consumers’
evolving needs

Identify opportunities to influence behaviour

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