Simulate real decision-making with a highly predictive, pragmatic behavioural model

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Why is our approach the best?

Flexibility: we build custom solutions that provide more flexibility than off-the-shelf solutions.

Experienced: Led by Anne Coulter, our team has completed hundreds of discrete choice projects in many categories and across a wide range of objectives.

Leading-edge: We employ the latest advances in sophisticated modeling, using hierarchical Bayes disaggregate discrete choice models. We work in collaboration with our statistician, Dr. Tim Renken, a leading expert in discrete choice modeling.

Pragmatic: we provide actionable scenario-based analyses to support management decisions. We can link our results to your data for the most realistic results possible.

Easy-to-use: we stay involved until you are comfortable and enjoying maximum benefits from our user-friendly simulator.

How does discrete choice modeling work?

Respondents are exposed to a series of alternative configurations of the test ideas and make choices based on their preferences. Patterns in these choices inform a model that identifies the most important factors and narrows on the collection of elements that most effectively drive adoption or communication strategy.

Traditional rating scales introduce noise into the data because people interpret scales differently, so why use them?

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