Innovate and build resilience by expanding your assumptions to imagine multiple futures.

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We use Strategic Foresight when confronted with rapid change or long-term uncertainty, and when transformational thinking is required. By identifying what’s driving change and where emerging opportunities reside, you can gain control of your future. Strategic Foresight can help you identify possibilities that you may not be aware of, so you can take advantage of opportunities and avoid being caught off-guard by change from outside the organization. Imagine multiple plausible futures, and develop effective resilient strategies, instead of simply reacting.

Our highly collaborative approach to Strategic Foresight leverages clients’ knowledge and capabilities; Outcomes translate into meaningful change.

In addition to traditional foresight techniques, we use BSci. to uncover consumers’ “mental models”. We then work with you to plan backwards, identifying changes that are required to nudge consumers’ “mental models” towards your preferred future, and to plan for success, whichever future happens.

Detect adverse conditions impeding preferred futures

Proactively shape and stress-test strategy

Guide innovation and policy decisions

Explore new markets, products, and services

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